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What Is GM Jr. Scouting?

I am Russ Lande, Founder of GM Jr. Scouting LLC, ex NFL Scout and U.S. College Scouting Director for the CFL's Montreal Alouettes. Thank you for visiting my new and improved website and your interest in my publication, GM Jr's Guide To The NFL Draft. My new website will offer an enormous amount of unique information available to subscribers both on-line and in a pdf version of the Guide. I hope you find my player reports, Mock Drafts and Podcasts as informative and unique given my experience and expertise as a former NFL Scout. There is no other NFL Draft Analyst who is being paid to work as a scout for a professional football team as I am by the Montreal Alouettes of the CFL.

*All player reports are based on thorough film evaluation, as opposed to second hand "gossip" or how well a player works out at the Combine or a single Pro Day. You, the fan, will be able to understand a player's skill and potential from the perspective of an NFL Scout.

*Each of my reports contains a specialized grading scale that entails a unique alphabetical/numerical scale. Currently, over 10 NFL teams use a system that is very similar to it.

*My quarterback evaluation system, that I first developed when I worked with the Rams, incorporates both film evaluation and charting of each quarterback's production in areas that I deem important. This system helped me to correctly project that both Tom Brady and Marc Bulger would become good starting quarterbacks in the NFL.

* Each week, I do two side-by-side Mock Drafts - One is "What GM Jr thinks will happen in the 1st Round" while the other is "What we think should happen in the 1st round."

* GM Jr. will do live Podcasts from numerous All Star Games where we break down which players have helped and hurt their Draft stock.

* Unique in-depth character/intangible information directly from NFL personnel obtained by GM Jr based on working relationships with NFL personnel.